KonMari Magic Series Part 4: Hope and Possibilities

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When I let go of all of the clutter, I let go of bad relationships in favor of new ones. I let go of guilt that plagued me with sadness.  I let go of the fear.  What was left was the positive stuff.  What was left, was joy, hope and possibilities.

These are such powerful words and freeing thoughts.

But where do you start? It may be new territory, but it begins with a familiar step.


  • Keep dreaming and revisit your vision.  If you have tried decluttering through the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, then you know that decluttering starts with a vision. I talk a lot about having a vision in my blog. Visions give you a goal, they help you plan.  But what is a vision really? A vision is simply a well fleshed out, very real, dream.  That vision you create is not the end point.  It’s only the beginning. Just as that vision helped you to stay focused while doing KonMari, it will continue to keep you grounded as you journey on. Your vision takes you to where the magic is found.


  • Your dreams will evolve and grow. Usually our first dream / vision is pretty small and micro- focused.  We looked at one area of our life to improve. It was the one area that gave us a lot of headaches, frustration and tension.  Most of us probably thought that when this one area was good,  then life would be good too. We didn’t really think about the “what’s next” part. We didn’t think “bigger”.  Or if we did, it was pretty vague.  We didn’t realize at the time, that we would change with the dream. So now that we made it to this stage, review your dream. Are you where you want to be now, or do you have more you want to do?


  • When you dream, dream big.  Life tends to open up more when the excess stuff is gone. So much of your time, emotion,  and energy has been invested in your stuff. Now that it’s gone, there is a void. It’s a vacuum that needs to be filled. You’ll find yourself looking for other things to KonMari.  Is your job joyful? Great.  It’s not? Why? What can you do to change  it?  Did you keep your hobbies when you tidied or let them go? Is there something you’ve been wanting to try, that you haven’t done before?  Expand your dream.  Let your mind wander, and see where it takes you.  Think big!  Think hopeful! Think amazing!


  • Anything can be possible.  It really can be. You have come this far, just take a step more, and see how it feels. When you got rid of the clutter, you got rid of the barriers. Or, maybe just made a hole in the wall. Whatever you did, you made some space. Keep digging.  Keep imagining … imagine more, imagine different, imagine  happy,  or joyful, peaceful, and content.


  • The magic different for each of us.  My dreams make me unique, so do yours. So who knows what direction you’ll find yourself going. It can be a little scary.  Thinking  in terms of anything being  possible is a new concept for a lot of us. But this journey is yours. You can take it as fast or as slow, whatever you feel is right. Trust your instincts and march on.


  • Hope is always there.  Always!  Even if you’ve stalled on your journey, you can always restart.  You are where you are now, but you don’t have to stay there.  So what if you’ve stopped.  It’s a pause; a time to catch your breath before taking the next step.  That’s all it is.  It’s no biggie. It doesn’t have to a permanent stop. It’s just  the beginning of the next phase. All you need to do is continue.  Hope will shine brighter with each step you take.


I hope you have a great journey into finding the magic. There are so many possibilities out there, just waiting to be tried and so many facets of your spirit enjoy.

So what is the magic of tidying up?  The magic is you.

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