Getting Past The Funk

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I’ve been quiet lately.  Sorry about that.  We’ve had a bunch of stuff going on in our life and my thoughts have been so tangled up in issues that I been stuck on what to write. I have a ton of topics but I’ve been unable finish anything.

My main problem?

I wasn’t feeling joyful.

Since this is a blog about joy, I thought I was being a bit hypocritical if I wasn’t writing happy stuff.

I was feeling overwhelmed, sad, frustrated, unable to move, and just separated from life.

I figured that if I didn’t have all of these great answers to share, then why talk about it? I mean what help would that be?

Honest to Pete, how dumb was that? Now that my head is clearing up, I can see that.

No one has all of the answers. Life is constantly throwing stuff at us that we think we are ready for, then find out we aren’t.  That leak in the roof that you thought you fixed, stubbornly remains.  A pivotal person who has been so impactful to your life, moves. Your already tight budget gets blown with a dead car, sick pet, and a trip to the urgent care.  Family and friends seem like they are moving on with their life, while you’re stuck idling in neutral.

There also isn’t any set number of challenging things that can happen before the world resets itself. Sure bad things come in three’s. But they also hit in 4’s, 5’s, and 9’s, too.

There is no  Big Bang Theory, really great mathematical formula that you can pull out to make things right again.  It’s just life.

The only thing that I know to do is to ride it out, wait for it to slow down a bit,  get something to grab on to, and find some balance. Maybe it’s my hubby, or my dogs, my friends or my spiritual beliefs that pull me out of the funk. Or maybe it’s going for a walk and saying hi to a neighbor.  Maybe it’s talking to a new friend about a project they are doing and feeling a spark of inspiration coming back.

Sometimes it’s just coming to a full stop and letting life settle around you.

Then I feel a little grounded, a bit more balanced and I realize that all of these challenges aren’t what’s making me feel sad.

It’s the separation from my basic life, that really cause the funk.

And it’s reconnecting that heals us and helps us move on.

So, here to reconnecting with life and joy and moving on.

I’ll see you shortly.















One thought on “Getting Past The Funk

  1. You are a beautiful writer. This was so timely for me. I, too, have been in a bit of a funk. Was sailing along at a calm pace, then was hit with an unexpected issue. I guess that’s part of life…muddling through the “stuff”. I appreciate your honesty and realistic writing, there’s no way we can be “joyful” all the time. Sometimes it’s just a goal in-spite of what’s happening.


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