Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Gardeners: #2


The grass is greener

Fellow gardeners are some of my favorite people.  They usually are pretty down to earth (pun intended), and have nuggets of wisdom that are pure  gold. Here is another one of my favorite thought provokers:

If the grass looks greener somewhere else, maybe you need to water your own grass.

Usually we think this phrase is directing us to not be jealous of what others have. While it’s true, there is another added thought to consider. Maybe it isn’t really that someone has it so much better.  Maybe you just don’t like how things look on your own side of the fence. So many times we aren’t satisfied with what we have because we just haven’t taken the time to care for it. Maybe you haven’t tended to your own home, relationships, or life, and that’s why you are looking elsewhere. After all, at one time, what you have now, suited you. It was enough.

What changed?

Have your really out grown it?

Or, are things withering from lack of water, trimming, or feeding?

Have you been invaded by pests, or annoying people?

Do you need a fresh coat of paint?

And if you said that what you have now, never suited in the first place, then why the heck were you  even there to start with?

Here’s another thought: Why would anything really be any different anywhere else? That green grass, still has to be watered, cut, and fed. If you aren’t doing it now, for what you already have, what is really going change in a new place,  relationship, or life?

Maybe if you watered the plants, cut the grass, and painted the fence, you might find that you still love where you are and what you have.

Maybe, all you need is to look at your things with a fresh perspective. It might be absolutely perfect for you after all.

And, if after all of that, you still think that the grass is really prettier somewhere else; then go for it!

Just a few things to think about.


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