Those Pesky New Year’s Resolutions

Did you do any resolutions for the New Year?

How is that going?

When I started doing my “reset” last fall, I decided at the time that that was a big enough project for me. Resolutions would be too much to add.

I really don’t like resolutions much anyway, even though the beginning of the year, you’d think, would be a good time for a start to something new. And usually what we resolve to do is a good idea: lose weight, get finances on track, get more exercise, eat better.  And after a hectic holiday season, we have a little down time before New Year’s. You can’t help but reflect on how the year went and what you’d like to do better.

All good ideas and all good reasons.

I don’t know about you, but Christmas time always has me a bit self-indulgent. I bake cookies and treats for friends, and maybe do a little more shopping than I should. I try not to snack, too much, but in inevitably, I do. The maple cured ham with the tasty pecans baked on top that we have on Christmas Day, is always delicious. The candy a friend made was a wonderful dessert. As well as the leftover samples from the gift trays Greg and I passed out to friends. Then there’s cold afternoons, that had us kicking back on the couch with some hot buttered popcorn and catch up on favorite programs.

After all of that, it’s no wonder that a person could feel like they needed reign themselves in and start a new diet or run to the gym.  It’s almost like we want to punish ourselves for taking a break and having a good time. After all, we really blew it, right?

I used to feel that way. Truthfully, it even crossed my mind a little bit this season. The last six months or so I’ve been trying to right size my diet. I had dropped all the sugar and most of the refined carbs. I liked the way I was feeling, but I also knew I needed to be a little less extreme if I was going to be content long term. I was fine with a few treats, but I thought maybe I had gone a little overboard, this time. A few times thoughts of “It’s back to KETO for me,” ran through my head.

But eating wasn’t the only thing I did this holiday.

I did other things, too. I  set up the yard display outside and straightened up the shed. I trimmed bushes. I gathered donations. I went to a couple of virtual classes on gardening and thriving. I social distanced visited with friends and neighbors. I made the meals and comforted a friend. Greg and I took the dog for a new place to walk and at night checked out the light displays in our neighborhood. We left winter treats out for the birds.

I think the treats to activity ratio balanced out. In fact, I think we need to celebrate more and berate ourselves less. I also think that I want to remember the joy of the holidays, especially in this year, when times have been so tough. I don’t want to spoil the fun and stress out because I had that last piece of toffee candy. There is nothing wrong with relaxing in the moment and celebrating. There is nothing wrong with wanting to better ourselves either.

But for now, in this moment, I’ll choose to savor where I am. And just be glad.

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