Vintage Easter at Our House or the Easter Bunny Cake Faux “Paw”

Isn’t this a cute little cake? Kudos to Betty Crocker for this cake image. I will keep trying.

(Okay, this is actually a story from 6 years ago. Greg and I have been married 9-1/2 years now, so from our perspective, it is vintage).

. For awhile Greg has been talking a lot about the Easter Bunny cakes you used to get in the store. He really wanted one, so I decided if I could not find one at a bakery this year, I would make one for him.


I mean I like to bake. I’m not a cake decorator, but I like to bake. I even found an easy version on video… two minutes long. I watched it twice. Simple. So, I made a cake, made the frosting, cut the cooled cake in half. I spread the frosting on one half, stuck the 2 halves together (like an Oreo cut through the diameter), stood it on end, just like the video, then put a crumb coat of frosting over the rest of the cake and put it in the fridge to harden. All I needed to do was to cover the cake with the final frosting coat, add some coconut and decorations and “viola” .. bunny cake. Homemade! Sure.



20 minutes later I opened the fridge and discovered this horrible looking cake blob on a plate.

APPARENTLY the homemade frosting was heavier than the homemade cake. The weight of frosting crushed my sweet bunny cake. Ok.

What to do, what to do? I could make cake balls …no Greg hates the thought of man (or woman handled) squished cake. He said it grossed him out. He has said it several times! I thought and thought, and … nothing! All I could do was dump the cake blob in the garbage and try and do something with the remaining frosting. I was not doing another bunny! I made some banana muffins and topped them with frosting and made little coconut nests for the candy. Phew ..okay, I’m saved!

Since I had mentioned to Greg that I was trying to do a bunny cake for him I had to explain what happened when he got home and tell him why he didn’t have a bunny cake, but nest muffins instead. He was very supportive and sympathetic, at first.

All that changed when he asked me what I did with the crushed cake.

I said “I threw it out.”

“Threw it out?”, he asked?

“Yes, in the garbage”, I said.

“You threw it OUT? But it’s cake! With frosting!” He was bellowing now. ” I have to eat healthy banana muffins when I could have had cake with frosting??!!!”

It looked like road kill”, I said. “

Road kill is ok”, he said.

That was news to me! He has never mentioned being even remotely interested in road kill. But I guess “cake roadkill” is different.

“How far down in the garbage can is it?” he asked.

(And he thought I was nuts!)

Happy Belated Easter, folks!

Till next time, Bev.

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