Spray Paint and Yard Art -part 2

Well, I think I have most of the yard art done.



There does come a time when you just have to stop shopping at the thrift store and put the can of spray paint down.

And just walk away.

I finally stopped after I spray painted the cyclone fence in front. 

But it came out nice.  Our rag tag front fence line has never looked this good.

I did have fun and the yard looks cheerful. But it could be just because the lilacs are in full bloom, though. We have so many, so I always give a bunch to my neighbor Mags, as kind of a pre–Mother’s Day present for her.

April ended up being pretty busy.  Things are kicking into gear at the Arboretum, and we actually are going to be able to have some events this summer. We are doing a Lavender Day Festival in July, so we have been repotting plants for sale like crazy.

We are also giving away salsa and pizza plant kits which will have an assortment of herbs in each one, planting instructions, some fun plant facts, and of course recipes.

It just feels really nice to maybe get back to normal, a little bit.

Greg and I are even talking about doing another midsummer party in June. We still have to work out some of the logistics for spacing and food. We fix traditional Swedish treats, have a midsummer pole to dance around, sing songs, play Kubb, do scavenger hunts, and make floral crowns to wear.  It sounds silly but I think we all need a little silly right now.

I also need to see some friends.

And I need to laugh out loud.

But back to the yard.

I still may add some things in the coming months, but right now its settling into spring and the warmer weather.

So here are a few more pictures of the yard.

I hope they bring a smile or two.

This silly but welcoming dog hangs out near Avalanche’s “summer pad.” Avalanche loves to sleep outside at night, so he has a special bed under the trees.
This is the only kind of snail I see in my yard in the high desert.
I am really not sure what this originally was. It’s made out of iron and I found it at a yard sale for $5.00. I’m guessing it was part of a light fixture, but it’s not really even on both sides, so who knows. I thought it made a good flower holder with some lavender paint splashed on it.

Just an empty vintage gas can with an old bird hose bib.

It was either sand, strip and paint the fence, or decorate it. I guess you can tell which I chose.
A colorful terracotta luminary house, and a sleepy, hidden gnome under some Scotch Broom.
The start of something interesting. Not sure, just yet.
It was a rusty brown when I found it in at the thrift store. Now the colors make me smile.
Same bridge from the last post, but we’ve added a spinner.
And lastly, a little gnome hiding in the donkey tail succulents.

Hope you all are having a bright and hopeful springtime.

See you next time,


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