The Pit Stop

The green door entrance to the Pit Stop

I am not the only one in my area with a penchant for yard art. It’s the high desert after all, and during mid-summer the day temps are scorching.  We get such little rain at times (this year and last having been exceptionally dry), that if you want a lot of color or interest in your yard, you just have to get creative.

The town of Virginia City is about 12 miles up the hill from us.  It a great place to take a break, window shop, have a sarsaparilla or and ice cream and check out the sights.

 Just on the outskirts of town, before you follow the train down the mountain on its trip to Gold Hill, is a pit stop of the right side of the road. That’s what it’s called, the Pit Stop. There are no services for gas or sodas, no place to sleep, just a small parking lot. It is so obscure, that a lot of folks don’t even know it there.

But still, it’s my favorite place to go when I am in town.

The Pit Stop is a museum of sorts.  Which reminds me, I really need a bumper sticker that lists every place I automatically stop my car, I.e.: yard sales, cemeteries, garden centers, national parks, museums and of course, the Arboretum. But that would probably be too big to fit on my car.

I digress.

There is no fee (yet) to go in and look around at the Pit Stop. But it really is a must see, if you are ever in the area. I have no idea who created it, But why it was created, is probably just for pure fun and laughter.

It is a garden of sorts, of rusted cars and bottle trees.

I love it.

It’s quirky.

It is typically Nevada.

Cars and bottle trees aren’t the only things there. The place is fenced in, but you can sit and eat your lunch at the table. There mine implements, a birdbath, bed posts, and flowers on display. They have recently even added a Tardis. I mean who doesn’t love a randomly placed Tardis in the desert? Right? I mean, come on!

So here are some shots of one of my favorite places and an inspiration for my own quirky garden.


Bottle tree at the Pit Stop.

A blue birdbath, just because.

No words … other than it’s my favorite!
From the side. I bet you weren’t expecting flowers; yes they are real.
Another bottle tree, with assorted fenders, car parts, a wooden shoe mold, and a brass headboard.
And another bottle tree, complete with rusty cans, pulleys and a trellis.
A combination that you don’t see often: a gold painted gas truck and birdhouse wooden throne.
Yet another bottle tree with a bed frame, trellis, drift wood, a rusty can, and a couple of buckets.
No, I didn’t forget the Tardis! Told you they had one!

Earlier, I did mention stopping at cemeteries. Virginia City has a great one of those, too. So maybe in the next post I’ll share some more pictures.

‘Till next time,


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