Honing Your Spark Joy Skills

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KonMari Blog Insight Series.

We’ve done our vision. We know we want to start.  We’ve read the book. We’ve put  our clothing together in a big pile on the floor.  Now, we pick up a shirt.  And we wait.  What are we supposed to feel? Happy? Ecstatic? Meh? What the heck is ‘joy’, anyway?  And how would I know if this shirt ‘sparks joy’?

Good questions.  We hate to say this, but  joy is something you have to discover it for yourself. Ouch.

“That’s no help,” you say.

True, that’s why we are exploring this topic today. We have some exercises to help you discover what sparks joy for you.  So here we go.

Pick up that shirt and follow along:

  1. ) Take Baby Steps.

Like any skill, joy takes time to learn.  Some people are naturally tuned into what makes them happy.  They like to have fun, so their joy button is close to the surface.  If yours isn’t easy to detect, don’t worry.  You will find it, it may be buried a little deep, but it’s there.  Start by holding that  shirt close to you.  Do you feel anything, anything at all?  Do you like the fabric or is it too scratchy?  Is it just soft and comfortable enough?  Is it a great color?  What’s your immediate reaction? Yes? No? Not sure?

2.) Pick Up Two More Things.

“What? Two more?  I haven’t figured out the first thing yet.”

That’s okay,  Marie Kondo mentions that comparing items helps you determine joy. Sometimes you can figure out how you feel about the first shirt by comparing it to

other items. Try that.  Do you like the first shirt more or less than the other two?  There is no need to rush this.  Take your time.  You are doing this process, this selection of things you love, for you and no one else. Is it getting better?  Can you determine which item you love?  If you can’t decide, that’s still okay.

4.) Choose Your Favorite Things.

Choose your favorite 3 items from a pile in three minutes. Focusing on the your favorites will help you identify what your “joy” feeling is. Using a timer will help you keep moving and decide quickly without getting bogged down with too much consideration.

5.) Wear It.  

Try it on. How does it feel on your body? Does it constrict you? Does it relax you? Why did you buy it?  Was it given to you?  The more you question how you react to an item, the easier it will be to tell how you feel about it.  Listen to what your heart tells you.

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