KonMari Insight Blog Series.

So often, when decide we are fed up with our homes and our clutter, we want to just plunge in.  We’re itching to do something so we can feel better. We buy a bunch of containers, read organizing magazines, throw out a bunch of stuff, feel overwhelmed,  get discouraged and grind to a halt.  The year goes on. We live our lives, buy more things, and when January rolls around again, we repeat the process. We feel stuck on an endless treadmill to nowhere. We think we can’t change.  But the truth is, we can.

We need skills and a plan or vision. Skills to approach the stuff, which we can learn by doing the steps of the KonMari Method. This Method is both a physical letting go of stuff  and emotional transformation of being able to let go of the stuff (and our negative thoughts- we’ll talk about this another day). This is the Metamorphosis we are aiming for and it all starts with a vision.

So what’s your vision? Do you want travel? Do you want spend more time with your children or loved ones? Do you want get a new job? Paint? Sing in the opera?  Yes, we know, nothing was mentioned about a spic and span house, perfectly polished floors or the perfect organization system. That’s the point. Your vision can include those things, but really, your vision is about YOU and not  your house. Life is about people, not things.

What does a vision do?  It gives you focus. It gives you an end point. It sets the foundation for your simplifying process. It’s what you hold on to when things get tough.

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