Let’s Celebrate!


KonMari Insight Blog Series.

We have created a vision, honed our joy sparking skills, worked at getting unstuck and considered the magic.  Now it’s time to celebrate.

Why Celebrate?

Celebrations remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing. They put an exclamation point on your project, or your year, or your day. They relax and renew your spirit. They say you’ve done something wonderful.  You have worked hard at tidying. They tell you to take the time to play. Celebrations are joyful!

How Often Should You Celebrate?

That’s entirely up to you. Maybe, you want to have one big party when  you are all finished with tidying. Maybe, you have had a really tough day and you need a pick me up, so you can start afresh tomorrow. Maybe, you finished your first category and you are so happy to have started to take control of your life. Celebrate whenever you need to. We suggest celebrating often. The more you focus on the positive, the more enjoyable the process will be and the more enjoyable life will be.

How Do I Celebrate?

Again, that’s up to you. There as many ways to celebrate as there are celebrations. Here are a few suggestions, but the choice is yours. Go have a picnic. Have a special dinner. Go for a hike in the woods. Throw a big bash in your newly tidied home. Take a vacation. Eat dessert first. Play in the park with your family.  Celebrations can be simple;  take a moment to look in a freshly tidied cupboard or give yourself a pat on the back for checking something off your “to do” list, create a daily celebration of collecting your positive moments of the day perhaps with a “Jar of Awesome” where you and your family write what you are grateful for each day and at the end of the week read out the awesomeness! Do whatever is fun, engaging, hopeful, joyous, and life affirming.


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