Days of Hope

Betty Mom and Bev

I love Christmas.  I say that unabashedly and without any reservations.

I know there are a lot of people out there who see the holiday time as one of stress, emptiness, worry, frustration, not to mention weight gain and blown bank accounts.

I’ll admit that me, even me, Miss Treadjoyfully, was struggling a few weeks back with getting into the spirit of the season.  We have been hard hit with some unexpected expenses and I’ve been trying to come up with some frugal plans to get us back on equal footing. The dog needing surgery, the furnace needing replacing,  we had issues with the hot water heater, my foot needing to be in an air cast, and a few other happenings hit us in the course of  a few short weeks. I went into to panic mode.  I was allowing worry to lead my life and looking at impossibilities instead of possibilities.

When I thought of Christmas this year, my heart went “Bah, Humbug!”

Along with that, my husband and few close friends are not “Christmas People.”  That means they don’t go out of their way to decorate or celebrate.  They will do family things if required, but that’s it.

That was a bit shocking, when I first got to know each of  them, years ago.  I love these people.  They are kind and generous and each amazing in their own right. I couldn’t wrap my head around the whole “loved ones equaling Ebenezer Scrooge” thing. It didn’t add up and I was sad for what I thought they were missing.

What did they mean when they said “I don’t celebrate Christmas” and “ Christmas is just another day?”

It took a little time to for me to wise up. While they may seem outwardly anti-holiday, to me, these loving people are the epitome of Christmas, Joy, Peace and Good Will Toward Man, Woman, Animals and what have you.  They are my dear loved ones because every time I am with them, they teach me love, acceptance, gratitude, generosity, and kindness. We laugh, enjoy life, and each other.  They quietly go the extra mile all year long. To them, Christmas or any holiday is just another day, because they focus on the “goodness of living,” everyday. They fill needs as they see them, not because a special day initiates it.

And it was that gentle reminder, that kindness and love and possibilities exist daily, that brought me out of my doldrums.

Hubby, gently, kindly, and purposefully, got us  back on track, and righted my world. He found a solution that worked so we could take care of the necessary fixes and allowed us to go forward.  In that one selfless act, Greg, Mr. Non-Christmas, gave me my spirit back.

He just shrugged it off. “It’s just what needed to be done.” No more was said.

So, I wish you much joy and merriment this season. But on top of that, I wish you hope and happiness, not just now, when being good natured is just the popular thing to do, but throughout your days. I hope you can find joy in the little things, the daily things, the yearly life things.

Remember that the Spirit of Christmas, or Hanukah, or Kwanza or Solstice or Ramadan, is all around us, everyday.  The purpose of setting aside those special days is to remind us, in our own way, of hope,  and to unite us, and warm our souls.

I hope you can find Christmas all year long.








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