Who I Am, Right Now, Is Enough

Betty Toddler

In my last post I listed my affirmations for this year.  Today, I’ll talk about my first affirmation, why I picked it. Just in case you missed them, here are my affirmations for this New Years:

  • Who I am, right now, is enough.
  • I make great choices.
  • I have all I need, in abundance.
  • I am creative.
  • I am loving.
  • I am strong.
  • I am kind.
  • I am grateful for this life I have.
  • My heart is open.


I like to start with a big one first. It gets my attention and helps me get serious.

Who I am, right now, is enough.


So often we talk about who we are, as the flaws we see.  We aren’t thin enough. We aren’t rich enough. We aren’t pretty enough. We don’t dress well enough. We aren’t popular enough. Believe me; I have said every single one of these comments about myself and more, and often!  Depressing, isn’t it?

Now, what if we told ourselves that we are enough? What if we said you I am just fine, right now, as I am? How would we feel? Would we believe it? Do we think it’s even possible?

I picked this thought as my starter, because it is one I most need to remind myself about. When I believe those negative thoughts, those feelings of not enough, that’s all I see in myself.  I see lack. I see impossibilities. I see failure. There is no way to move forward, because I don’t see that I have any skills to get there.

But when I say that I am enough, it means that while I’m not perfect, I am worthy. I am worthy to be loved. I am worthy to give love.  I am worthy of everything positive I have gotten from this world, and worthy to contribute back.

It’s also not just a belief, but a fact. Every one of us, just by nature alone is worthy. We live, so we are worthy.

When we see a baby in need, we help it.  We aren’t asking whether or not that baby is worthy of our help.  Instinctively, we care about it and care for it. It’s living.  It’s vulnerable. We just care.

So, why don’t we see this worthiness in ourselves? Is it because we think we are old enough now to take care of ourselves: that we should have this life thing down perfectly; that because we have lived for awhile, we don’t need support?  All we seem to see is how imperfect we are: what we haven’t done; who we haven’t become.

Well, while we may believe that we no longer need anyone’s help, there is nothing further from the truth. We will always need the help, support, and love of others.

Most of all, we are worthy of that help, love, and support. We wouldn’t exist without it.

When we look at ourselves with thoughts of worthiness, all things seem possible; and they are.  We aren’t wasting energy on bolstering ourselves up. We just know we are. We are set in a foundation and are grounded.

When we don’t worry about whether we are enough, we can do powerful things.  Our focus is forward. It’s looking at possibilities.


Here is to a year of you and me feeling the power to do amazing things.




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