I Make Great Choices

Betty and Rick


It’s time to talk about my next affirmation.  We are doing positive thoughts to start off the New Year. We are talking about ways to make you feel great.  In case you missed them, here are my affirmations for 2018.


  • Who I am, right now, is enough.
  • I make great choices.
  • I have all I need, in abundance.
  • I am creative.
  • I am loving.
  • I am strong.
  • I am kind.
  • I am grateful for this life I have.
  • My heart is open.



I make great choices

You might be thinking, well I don’t know about this one. I mean I try to make good choices, but I don’t know about them being all that great sometimes. In fact, I can think about a few whoppers that were just plain bad!

Ok.  That’s probably true. I can think of decisions I have made myself that were pretty stupid. I’m not sure if I was just lucky at the time or that someone, somewhere was just looking out for me.

So how can I flat out declare that we make great choices?

Well, here’s what I mean. It’s actually a couple of thoughts wrapped up into one.

  1. Every choice we make is ours.  We own it. We may be limited by circumstances, and we may not always have a lot of options available at the time, but however we handle it, is our decision.
  2. We have the ability to learn from each choice and be better. We have the ability to find some good in every choice we make.

If we take these two thoughts and put them together, it’s possible to find hope in every choice we make. It is possible to find good in every choice we make.  It’s even possible to find greatness in every choice we make.

I’m not saying that we should go merrily down the road and do what ever we want, because eventually there will be some good.

What I am saying is that if we look that those decisions we need to make with open eyes and intention in our hearts, we will make a great choice.  Here’s why:

Who knows you the best?


Who knows what challenges you are going through?


Who knows what makes your heart sing?


Who knows what your deep desires are?


who knows what your personal values are?


Who can make the greatest choices for you?



Keeping in mind that you are your own best expert, do you think it’s possible for you to make really good decisions?

You are a trailblazer in your life. No one else can really know your best path, they have their own to deal with.  Believe me; no one has an easy journey, but they do have the journey that’s meant for them.

For myself, I’ve found that when I make choices that are based on my knowledge of me and what my heart tell me to do, I will a great decision. True, sometimes even the best choices are painful. But when you make them for the right reason, there is greatness.

When I base my choice on someone tells me to do, or I choose out of fear of failing or disappointing someone, they aren’t as  great. There is good to be found in them eventually, but it’s more elusive to find. When I rely on someone to choose for me, I become less sure of myself, as well.

I have also realized that when I choose the way my heart tells me, then the next decisions are easier and I am more confident.


Follow your heart, and you will make great choices!







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