A Volunteer Newsletter



DSC09399Phew, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. This month has been pretty hectic, and time has just slipped by 

It was after I tidied our home that I was able to learn how to tread joyfully through my life.  It’s a learning experience. One thing that I never thought I would be doing would writing a blog.  Another thing that I hadn’t considered doing would have been leading  and writing my own tours at an arboretum. And I do that now, on a regular basis. All of that has now led me to a new project: a bi-monthly newsletter for the May Arboretum and its volunteers.  

I work with great people at the arboretum.  There something about people who regularly surround themselves with fresh air and plants, something wonderful. They are kind, thoughtful, generous, and humble. And they love to share their love of plants with whomever they come across. They are also the most encouraging group of people.  

Because the May Arboretum depends on grants and funding, the folks in charge love and appreciate their volunteers. And when someone appreciates the heck out of you, it makes you want to do more.  Or at least that’s the way it works for me. 

So when I began to notice that so many of the volunteers and even the staff weren’t aware of all of the fun things going on around the arboretum, I started to look at how we could get the word out.  We have a couple of different websites, all with a different focus.  You can go to one website to see about the preschool program and see nothing about any craft workshops, or our birding training. A newsletter seemed like and obvious choice to get the information out and link the sites.  

The boss gave me a green light to go ahead and do a mock up. Once I really put my mind to it, it just sort of came together.   He liked it so much, that we are publishing it in the next few days.  It just needed a little tweaking from the original copy.

I am really excited about the project, so are the volunteers and the staff. I now have a whole list of things to write for the next issue. 

I guess it’s a good reminder about how life can work.  With just a little sweat, a good intention, and a lot of focus, a person can accomplish a lot.



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